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CSR & ESG Impact Assessments

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) combines the critical elements of ethics and society considerations as guiding business principles. These dovetail with the third defining element, the environment, to achieve sustainability.

CSR moves businesses beyond regulatory compliance toward engagement with critical stakeholders, issues, and events that have the potential to be impacted by or have an impact upon a business.

The impact of CSR can be assessed by setting and then measuring performance indicators.

We use ESG (Environment Social and Governance) and the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs) in our measurement tool.

We find challenges that most often need to be addressed include:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Incorporating ESG into decision-making at the department level
  3. Internal Culture
  4. Community Relations
  5. Commitments – not achieved
  6. Unclear communication
  7. Environmental stewardship and the responsible use of raw materials
  8. Recycling
  9. Industry-specific issues

The knowledge gained from an Impact Assessment helps companies better align and integrate CSR and ESG methods and frameworks into their operations.

CSR Masterclass

Our one day (in person) and two half days (virtual) ESG & CSR Masterclass is regularly delivered.

Contact us to find out when the next one will be held.

Customized Trainings

Do you have a team that needs specific training?

We customize our training to support:

  • Internal consulting teams
  • Experienced managers who are starting new careers as consultants
  • Community Investment programs
  • Grants management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Teamwork – working better together

Assessments Tools

EQi | EQi 360 | Mirror Mirror

  • EQi and EQi 360 – Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • MirrorMirror Team Assessments
  • Archetypical Strategic Communication – an interactive online game for communicators

Learn by playing games!

Gain new strategic communication and decision-making skills by playing interactive games – online or in-person.

In our workshops and classes, we use interactive exercises and games to help participants gain practical experience on the topics.

Management Consultant Standards and Tools

The Management Consulting Standards of Practice course is designed for experienced management professionals. It covers the competencies, process, and methods used by management consultants.

The pace is intentionally fast-moving to reflect the participants’ maturity and professional competencies.

By course completion, each stage in the management consulting process has been explored. It is designed to increase awareness of professional standards and to demonstrate how to uphold these standards in one’s own practise.

The course content emphases discussion and self-reflection to stimulate awareness of the professional responsibilities that come with working as a certified management consultant.

Strategic Communication, Governance, & Social Value